|site specific installation containerart, Villa Borghese Roma Italy

SO MANY TIMES Installation


SO MANY TIMES emerges as a reflection on everyday human activities, focusing specifically on two familiar rituals: lunch and dinner....

I use a container to recreate a domestic environment, such as a kitchen or living room, devoid of windows or other escape routes. This allows visitors to view from a single perspective an apparently familiar reality.

The project aims to faithfully reproduce the act of eating at the table, highlighting how television has become a mechanical and constant presence during meals, almost an additional family member. This presence prevents fully appreciating the value of these shared moments.

Highlighted is the incessant channel surfing that occupies our time, paired with a table set with traces of consumed food but devoid of the humans who used it. The television will continue to broadcast and change channels autonomously, evoking a sense of familiarity for the observer, symbolically filling the absence.

The installation presents an almost melancholic scenario, inviting reflection on a daily moment shared by many, yet often overlooked in its essence due to the rush of daily life. Despite the apparent stillness of the environment, details like the leftover food beginning to decompose or the television changing channels on its own suggest a subtle dynamism.

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