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New Fable

New Fable

"New Fable" is a photographic adventure that explores the intersection between the mythical and the everyday through portraits of ordinary people transforming into gods from Greek mythology. Each portrait, ranging from close-ups to artistic nudes, reveals how non-professional subjects embody ancient deities, reflecting their everyday existence through poses inspired by famous sculptural representations....

Among the emblematic images is one of a young mother standing on a dresser of sheets, assuming the pose of Aphrodite, with her little daughter mimicking her pose and a playful puppy nearby. Another image captures a woman in the guise of Astraea, playing with soap bubbles, symbolizing her quest for balance between chaos and justice, with a nightstand full of medicines and psychotropics beside her.

Inspired by Caravaggio's chiaroscuro style, the portraits blend intense light and deep shadows to enhance emotions and drama, blurring the boundaries between reality and myth. "New Fable" invites viewers to reflect on their daily "masks" and the power of ancient narratives in the modern world. This project is an invitation to discover new truths in old stories, observed through the contemporary lens of photography.

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